WHS XC 2016

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Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic Stretching Runners should do a dynamic routine before every runs (after a small warmup) and they should only do static stretches after the full workout. This dynamic routine starts with the head and ends with the feet to make sure you warm up the entire body: Dynamic Stretching Routine to be done before every workout.

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Circuit Training

Circuit Training is a high-intensity workout that combines aerobic exercise with strength training. A recommended combination of strength exercises and the type of aerobic work can be found below. With the designed plan listed below, runners can greatly improve their strength, endurance and race times. Circuit Training should be done 6 days a week. Train.

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10 Common Running Injuries

Running injuries usually happen when you push yourself too hard. The way your body moves also plays a role. You can prevent many of them. Here’s how. 1. Runner’s knee. This is a common overuse injury. Runner’s knee has several different causes. It often happens when your kneecap is out of alignment. Over time, the

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Tips to Prevent Running Injuries

By taking a few precautions and planning, you can prevent many common running injuries. Here are some tips for preventing injuries. Listen to your body: Don’t ignore pain. A little soreness is OK. But if you notice consistent pain in a muscle or joint that doesn’t get better with rest, see your health care provider.

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Treatment of Common Running Injuries

Most running injuries can be relieved by following these treatment strategies. If pain and discomfort continues, see your health care provider. You may need more advanced treatment to resolve your running injury. Rest: Take it easy. If you keep running, your injury may get worse. Choose alternative ways to exercise while you heal, such as

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